Back Water Jacks

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Rain Dance at Caddo Lake

Backwater Jacks Bayou Rain DanceThe rain stopped by for a visit at Backwater Jacks recently. It was good to see an old friend. Despite our pleas and protest, his stay was a short one. We sure could use another drink or two here in the swampy confines of East Texas. In the meantime, a swallow or two, from time to time, I guess will have to do.

As I recall, the rain started sometime right around but before Thanksgiving and coincided with the local rain dancer’s graduation ceremony. Right about now some of you disbelievers are starting to roll your eyes. Well, I suggest you instead roll up your pants… before they get wet; because when the folks dance, it does indeed rain.

Our first annual local dance school graduation ceremony was, to say the least, something. Never ever have I seen anything like it. This here life-long River Rat has been to the big city more than once and is a proud viewer of satellite TV for some years. So believe me when I say, “I have seen some things,” that I have indeed seen my fair share. But I haven’t seen anything like the rain dance.

If you have never witnessed one, don’t count yourself lucky just yet. Darn if I can pen the apt description of what all it entails. It is visually confusing for sure yet powerful and inspirational. About the only big word I know that comes close is sublime. Now sublime is a funny word; easy to spell but hard to explain. I guess that is why all them artsy folks use it so much. It leaves a lot of wiggle room.

Speaking of wiggle… The rain dance sure has a lot of that and much more. About the only way I know how to describe is it’s a mishmash of clogging, and belly dancing, with a bit of moonwalking tuned to a polka rhythm of chanting Cajun cadence. It’s hard on the senses and doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it makes less sense to argue with the results; because within a week or two to three of a performance, it always rains. Now not a lot mind you, but that ground does get that spit-on look.

I know a few of you are wondering if I have left my senses, which would make sense. But until you experience first hand what I am telling you, does it really make sense to argue? Common sense says, “No!”
Y’all come see us soon!