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A Good Time Will Be Had “BAYOU”!!

To the few and faithful readers who read this blog, sorry I haven’t written lately. There has been a kaleidoscope of activity keeping us all busy here at Backwater Jacks. I’ll try to bring you up to speed on a few things. Hopefully, this will hold you over till I can get you a more refined literary creation worthy of your eyeballs.
Backwater Jacks Caddo Lake
The beginning of spring brought a bunch of rain, allowing the river to recapture its old familiar self. The banks are wet and full and anchored by fishermen who are loading up and heading home early, tired from the day’s haul. The water carries a slow easy current and the steady traffic of boaters. The air is heavy with campfire aromas and the echoes of critters’ talk. Boys and girls, it has been just about right. The only thing sad is watching new friends leave, headed back after they have become a part of our home.

We had to find the lawnmower, which took some time. We couldn’t remember where we left it, as it had been some time since its services were needed. Then it wouldn’t start. So that kept us busy for a bit.
We had to get the boat fixed. Then the other one acted up. When you ain’t got a boat, life gets hard. But this is not the extent of my personal hardships. While Jay and I were out scouting possible trails for the Texas Paddle Program, (more on that in a bit) I flipped my canoe. I have not flipped a canoe since I was a young kid. Then within a few minutes, I flipped it again. Twice! That took a few weeks to come to terms with. I can still hear Jay laughing; literally, as he has not stopped.

Wes Hooper, a local kid worth every bit his weight, was also with us. He flipped his canoe too. Luckily, we were in some backwater areas and the water was shallow. Since I was already wet, and Jay still laughing, I had to get out and help him flip it back over. I think cypress trees were designed for just this endeavor. All you do is roll it up onto the sloping base of the tree and presto you have a floating, right side up, canoe. By the way, we have plenty of canoes for you when you come down.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… The Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddle Program has accepted our trails for their program. This is a really big deal. The folks from Austin were down about a month or so ago and they made us feel shiny. They said our trails were nice. So we have been busy finishing up the specs and regs. Well, honestly, Jay has been busy with that. But I have had to listen to Jay talk about how busy he is with it… At least he stopped laughing.

We have also been planning a canoe trip for a bunch of the guys. We are going to put in at Jefferson, TX and float down to the camp. Trust me, the time it takes to coordinate a dozen guys is a chore. If you want to come along, don’t be shy. There is plenty of water but bring a canoe.

We met with some folks about our shirts you guys have been buying as fast as we make. That took up a whole day but you guys will know it when you see the new shirts. They are gonna be spectacular.
Finally, we saw our family grow a bit. Dad got hitched to a great gal. Kathy Lomax, I mean Kathy Heard is her name. She makes the Caddo maps that most of the locals use. Hopefully, she will give us a family discount, since we sell them at the RV Park. Keep your fingers crossed, as we will pass the savings on to you!!!

Anyway, as you can see, I have been busy; but I am eating right and living good. Soon I will find the time and energy to pen you guys a worthy blog. Hopefully, this one will hold you over and leave you wanting for more.

The water is wet. The sky is blue. So are we as we have not seen you. Come on down. I promise you… “A good time will be had “BAYOU”!!”

This rhymes, so I guess I leave you with a poem.