Back Water Jacks

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Do We Have Water?

Beautiful Campground on Caddo Lake in TexasA bit back, a few of us were standing in the shade along the river’s edge discussing the state of the river. The topic centered on whether we had ever seen it so low. We finally realized, after extended and careful consideration, that the very spot upon which we stood had never been done so with dry feet. Case closed. The river is low at Backwater Jacks. But thankfully it is still wet and I don’t think the fish are bumping fins just yet. Still, they could use a fresh drink of water. And so could the trees, ground, and all the critters we share the bayou with. At our local dance school, enrollment is up significantly; the teacher is offering rain dance lessons. Having observed a lesson or two…. I hope the boys and girls are fast learners. So Caddo is a little shrunk but still a sight to see.

Autumn is one of my favorite’s seasons. (It is definitely in the top four.) To watch the foliage progress thru autumn’s palette is just pure joy. This year I am not so sure; it may be a bit more solemn. Too many trees are turning early and fast, perhaps marking their last year.

Many of their cousins were lost in the recent rash of fires here in East Texas. I am sure you heard about it on TV. However, I don’t care how big that TV of yours is, there is no way it captures the essence of what we were facing. Nor can I with my limited education, pen it for you. Plain and simple, it was just eerie. The only way I know how to describe it is to imagine a very foggy morning with camp fire smell, and all around you are marshmallows, way past done.
Backwater Jacks on Caddo Lake is a Beauty to behold
A lot of good land and homes were lost. But it would have been so much worse had it not been for the tireless and heroic effort of so many in our community. It reminded me again why I live in a small town. Because only in a small town are your neighbors your heroes. Thanks to all for your efforts. Thank you so much. To the rest of us, the next time you are at a stop sign and the local fire department personnel walks up to your car with the boot, reach deep; and I mean deep into your pocket, and help fill it.

My brother-in-law, Jay and I were walking in the backwaters (or former backwaters) on Saturday. It was cool. We are able to see things that we have never seen before only because the water is either low or gone. To walk in an area that is normally underwater and observe the topography is kinda cool. Have you ever wondered what is at the bottom of the lake? Well, know you can find out!! Y’all don’t be shy, come see us.

P.S. The fish are biting. An old-timer swears he would be catching a lot more if he didn’t have to stop and pick the ticks off of them!!