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Backwater Jacks Caddo Lake

A Good Time Will Be Had “BAYOU”!!

By Backwater Jacks | May 6, 2012

To the few and faithful readers who read this blog, sorry I haven’t written lately. There has been a kaleidoscope of activity keeping us all busy here at Backwater Jacks. I’ll try to bring you up to speed on a few things. Hopefully, this will hold you over till I can get you a more…

Backwater Jacks Bayou Rain Dance

Rain Dance at Caddo Lake

By Backwater Jacks | January 16, 2012

The rain stopped by for a visit at Backwater Jacks recently. It was good to see an old friend. Despite our pleas and protest, his stay was a short one. We sure could use another drink or two here in the swampy confines of East Texas. In the meantime, a swallow or two, from time…

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Do We Have Water?

By Backwater Jacks | October 5, 2011

A bit back, a few of us were standing in the shade along the river’s edge discussing the state of the river. The topic centered on whether we had ever seen it so low. We finally realized, after extended and careful consideration, that the very spot upon which we stood had never been done so…


mission of backwater jacks rv park and campground on caddo lakeNo matter where you come from or where you’re going, a short stay at Backwater Jacks is “shore” to bring peace and tranquility to your busy life.


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